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Fl District 10

Bring high
paying jobs
to florida

BRING HIGH PAYING JOBS TO FLORIDA: You deserve better! I will fight to raise the minimum wage $15 per hour so families can afford the cost of living.


REDUCE HOMELESSNESS: I will fight for rent accommodations, lower credit scores for down payment assistance and the expansion of affordable housing.

Protect seniors' income

PROTECT SENIORS’ INCOME: I will fight to increase Social Security and disability income to afford increasing costs of prescription drugs and supplemental insurance. Our seniors’ health will not be jeopardized due to inability to pay.


Every registered voter, regardless of party affiliation, will be able to vote for Florida Congressional District 10. Our message is simple: We will not tolerate politicians who focus on personal interests and ignore the voice of the people. WADE DARIUS for Congress.


Help raise the minimum wage to $15/hr.
Increase social security and disability income for those that qualify.
Increase job market to include high paying occupations.
Promote healthy tax cuts for the middle-class population.
Rally for a tuition free college system so everyone can benefit from institutions of higher learning.
Partner with community leaders, activists, elected officials and YOU to continue making positive changes in our community.


Families are being destroyed by poverty, rising costs of medication, mass deportation, and low paying jobs. Wade is a respected leader who is willing to fight for the betterment of the people. He will not succumb to the demands of special interest groups or corporations. Wade Darius stands WITH the people and FOR the people!


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Time for a Change

Wade Darius, CEO and President of T.D. Homes Marketing Group, has been a leader in the real estate and financial industries for over 16 years. He has worked with and for almost all the major banking institutions in the United States and other reputable risk management firms.

Wade Darius’ extensive knowledge of financial securities and negotiations enables him to partner with various banks and lenders to find sustainable solutions for homeless families. Poverty and homelessness are two significant issues in Orange County and Wade is determined to partner with elected officials, activists and community members to be the voice for change!
Wade understands the struggle of the middle class. His expertise and experience is critical in the rebirth of Florida’s financial future.

Wade Darius is 100% committed to the people, not organizations or various unions. He is the most qualified candidate to make a difference within the community and for the community!

Elect Wade Darius for Congress
Florida District 10

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