Fl district 10

Together we can STOP TRUMP from destroying America.
Bringing well
paying jobs
to florida

BRINGING WELL PAYING JOBS TO FLORIDA: You deserve better and no understands that more than me. I will fight to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour. I will work with major corporations and legislators to bring high paying jobs to my district.

Reduce Family
by up to 90%

REDUCE FAMILY HOMELESSNESS BY UP TO 90%: Rent Freeze and 7 days extension before late fee (20% reduction). Lower Credit Score requirement for Down Payment Assistant to 620 (20% reduction). Allow apartment communities to offer subsidized units (25% reduction). Raise Minimum wage to $15 per hour (30% reduction).

Protecting the seniors' income

Our parents and grandparents cannot afford the rising costs of prescription drugs and supplemental insurance. Increasing Social security income and disability income by 5% to 7% yearly to allow a more sustainable living.


Your vote in the 2018 election must be about you and your family. We will send a messgae, we will vote BLUE, and vote WADE DARIUS For Congress for Florida Congressional District 10.


Make life easier for each and everyone living in my district while protecting civil liberty. Stop Trump from destroying our values, our culture, and eventually destroying the country.


Protecting Social Security and Disability income. STOP police brutality and implement community policing. Reduce family homelessness by up to 90%. Help and protect seniors, children, and people leaving with disabilities.


We need to defeat TRUMP's seek agenda of divisiveness and take back Congress by electing more Democrat. We can't do it without you help. Click here to DONATE.


Vote BLUE, vote DEMOCRATS, and vote WADE DARIUS For Congress. Alone, we are weak but together we are strong. Together we can take back Congress.

I’m running for Congress because I want to help and serve the country that I love while continue to help the middle class and lower class as I’ve been doing.
I want to be the Congressman of the people and not for the corporations and labor unions. For that matter, I have officially announced that I will NOT accept donations from the NRA, influential corporations, and influential labor unions.

☑ Bring back high PAYING JOBS
☑ Help increase social security and disability income by up to 10% per year.
☑ Help RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE to $15/hr.
☑Help strengthen our education system and ADD more security in schools to protect our children.
☑ Help Expand the housing program and reduce the credit score requirements to 620 for DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE. This will REDUCE family homelessness by up to 90%.
☑ STOP companies from using credit score and profile to deny employment. Your credit score and profile have nothing to do with your job performance but has a lot to do with employment discrimination.

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