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Who is Wade Darius

The Democratic the party needs a leader who's not afraid to fight for the betterment of the people. WADE DARIUS is the answer. 
As a Progressive Democrat I put people first at all time. I stand with people and for the people.

Wade Darius, CEO and President of T.D Homes Marketing Group, a Real Estate marketing firm. Wade Darius has been a financial industry leader for over 16 years. He has worked as a senior mortgage underwriting consultant and Senior Operation Consultant for some of the major U.S. Risk Management firms and banks all across the United States, included but not limited to SunTrust Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank Of America, Chase Bank, and Wachovia Bank. Wade Darius’ knowledge and skills makes him one of the nation’s best and toughest negotiator which is of the reasons why we need Wade Darius in Congress on our side fighting for the people.

Wade Darius’ company, T.D Homes Marketing Group, focuses on partnering with various Real Estate agents/brokers and many banks and lenders to find sustainable solutions to significantly reduce homelessness. Wade Darius’ goal is to connect Low to Moderate income families with Banks and lenders that have favorable programs, grants, and easy to obtain down payment assistance. This initiative give Low and Moderate income families the easiest path of home ownership and help to significantly reduce homelessness.

In Orange County, FL the costs for an apartment living is becoming unbearable and unaffordable for so many families. This is one of the reasons why we have over 13,000 homeless children in Orange County, FL. In most cases someone can own a home with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and not to mention better quality of life for less than a 2 bedroom in Orange County, FL aka Florida Congressional District 10.

Wade Darius’ company not only help the families but help the housing market of Orange County to rise and more home sales within the Orange County, FL.

Wade Darius’ is a true champion and a true leader who understands the struggles of the Middle Class and the Lower Class. Wade Darius’ has a viable plan to help the economy of the county and the state of Florida grow faster than ever.

Wade Darius has the expertise, knowledge, and willingness to help Orange County Florida reach its highest potential.

Wade Darius vows to partner with elected officials, activists, and members of every communities within Orange County, FL aka Florida Congressional District 10. This is to bring real solutions that will solve the problems the people are facing and significantly reduce corruptions at all level of government.

Wade Darius has declared his candidacy for Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

Wade Darius wants to be the Congressman of the PEOPLE and free to do things for the PEOPLE. For that matter, he officially announced that I have NOT and I will NOT accept donations from the NRA, influential corporations, and influential labor unions. Any individual, labor union, PAC, or group, or entity seeking to support his campaign MUST fully understands that THE PEOPLE is his primary concern and he will ONLY listen to THE PEOPLE of his district.

Wade Darius vows to give THE PEOPLE fully access to his staff members and himself. Once elected, he will dedicate 20 hours per month of one-on-one time with him personally. This will make him the FIRST Congressman who allows the public to have full access to him. He said “They will be my employer so they have the right to talk to me and tell me how they believe I can make their live better.”

It has been proven over and over again that the influence of BIG MONEY in Washington is toxic and the major reason why politicians in Washington have become useless to the people who elected them. To change the we need to elect true PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS such Wade Darius.

WADE DARIUS IS A PROBLEM SOLVER: Once elected, I will be working and partnering with other elected officials, activists, and candidates to ensure sure that our problems are solved but not pushed aside.
Main focus will be to:
☑ Shelter the 13,000 homeless school age children in our district.
☑ Help implements equal funding for every school regardless of the location of the schools throughout the county. Help strengthen our education system and ADD more security in schools to protect our children.
☑ Focus on dual-enrollment Program to ensure our children are prepared for the future and equipped with the best education possible.
☑ Build a bridge between the Law Enforcement (Police/Sheriff/FHP) and every community...
☑ Help Implement and enforce community policing.
☑ Stop the mass incarceration on Orange County.
☑ Keep Fighting for the $15 Minimum Wage
☑ Work with companies like PRC, CONVERGYS, AMAZON, EXPEDIA, and more to bring decent paying jobs to the area.
☑ Work with new entrepreneurs to help them stay in business and employ local.
☑ Help expand affordable housing to include all apartments to eliminate the long waiting list, create competitions, and reduce prices.
☑ Help reduce the credit score requirements for down payment assistance to 620 to allow more access to the program which will increase home ownership and significantly decrease homelessness.
☑ STOP companies from using credit score and profile to deny employment. Your credit score and profile have nothing to do with your job performance but has a lot to do with employment discrimination.

We can do it all... all we have to do is to come together and elect the right people.

Elect WADE DARIUS For Congress
Florida District 10

A New Direction

Your vote for WADE DARIUS in the 2018 election will say a lot about you and your character. It will signify that you are tired of Trump's divisiveness agenda and will elect a fighter for civil liberty. It also means that you care about the dignity of the county.

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