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Economy- Let WADE DARIUS’ financial expertise and knowledge work for you in Washington DC.

WADE DARIUS is a leader in the financial industry. Wade Darius will help build a prosperous economy in Florida Congressional District 10. My plan is clear and concise: Protect wealth/assets, help build new wealth/assets and promote financial literacy. ☑ Protect your wealth/assets:  Wade Darius will fight to protect the equity in your home by preventing…
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Family questions

GOING THE EXTRA MILE FOR OUR CHILDREN: Having an education is important but giving our children a world class education, only our WONDERFUL TEACHERS can help make that happen... Let’s support our public schools and all the wonderful teachers therein. Public school teachers don’t make enough and are exhausted from asking for a fair wage.…
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We Need Better Education System

SAY NO TO VOUCHER SYSTEM and YES TO EQUAL FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL SCHOOLS. I DO NOT support a voucher system for several reasons. Here are some of them: ☑ Accountability ☑ Too many opportunities for fraud at the children expense. ☑ and more Education is too valuable for me to support voucher system. I…
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