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Get to know WADE DARIUS

I am the BEST candidate for Congress, Florida District 10. Being the BEST candidate means I will fight for change! I will not allow corporations, the NRA, or unions to dictate my platform or guard my speech.

My goals are clear and concise:

☑ Help raise the MINIMUM WAGE to $15/hr.
☑ Increase Social Security and Disability income for those that qualify.
☑ Increase job market to include high paying occupations.
☑ STOP companies from using credit report when screening for employment. Credit score has nothing to do with one’s job performance and the discrimination must stop.
☑ RENT FREEZE and expand affordable housing program to reduce family homelessness.
☑ Promote healthy tax cuts for the middle class population.
☑ Rally for a tuition free college system so everyone can benefit from institutions of higher learning.
☑ Partner with community leaders, activists, elected officials, and YOU to continue making positive changes in our community.

Elect WADE DARIUS For Congress
Florida District 10

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