Economy- Let WADE DARIUS’ financial expertise and knowledge work for you in Washington DC.

WADE DARIUS is a leader in the financial industry. Wade Darius will help build a prosperous economy in Florida Congressional District 10.

My plan is clear and concise:
Protect wealth/assets, help build new wealth/assets and promote financial literacy.

Protect your wealth/assets:  Wade Darius will fight to protect the equity in your home by preventing government administration from raising mortgage interest rates. to prevent the housing market from collapsing. Wade Darius will support the increase of a higher interest rate on CDs, money market and T-Bills.
Wade Darius will also fight to implement a stop loss on your 401K to prevent the loss of retirement funds due to economical decline.

☑ Build NEW wealth/assets: Wade Darius believe we need to correct the discrepancies of the Dodd-Frank Law which allows companies to use credit reports and credit scores when screening for employment. Your credit score has nothing to do with your work performance and work ethic, but it has a lot to do with employment discrimination. The credit score requirement for down payment assistance must be lowered to 620 to match both Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac minimum credit scores.
This will enable more of our community to achieve the American dream of owning their own home... building a legacy for their generation.
Wade Darius will secure funding for public transportation to provide direct routes minimizing travel time and resulting in increased time with family. Family is always first!

☑ Financial literacy is a must!All students need to understand the importance of building a positive credit score, the power of investments and the impact of making smart financial decisions in their future. Wade Darius believe we need to integrate financial literacy within the high school curriculum as a required course. Knowledge is power and our students deserve to know!

Let Wade Darius financial expertise and knowledge work for you in Washington DC. Let’s make a difference within our community, for our community!

Wade Darius for Congress
Florida Congressional District 10

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